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by fidelity sux, All I wanted was simple transaction. Absolutely horrid customer service. Leave a Comment . But actually, it wasn't. So, this is one of most insane and stupid experience I had with any bank accounts I had open with other brokers, Forex, etc.Stay away from them, by John R, My experience at fidelity.I had expressed my interest for the SNAP IPO (for the 6th time in 6th company) and they did not allocate me a single stock. Each year, Fidelity will contact you and review your profile information. dont follow yuor directions, dont disclose all road blocks, almost impossible to contact once transaction has been completed - almost push you out the door. by Drakkor, by Ted Cummings, It seems as Fidelity doesn't pay much attention to terminated accounts with 0 balances. My account was not trading on 'real time' for months. 3/20/2018. period . This morning 11/27/2019 I logged onto the account to check the status, since the paper work WAS received and in order, funds in the account, and to check if the Power of Attorney was in force. - Easy Trading - “Free” trading - “Free” partial share trading - Tax lot tracking - Advanced charting option - Text/Email Price alerts The bad: - Face ID not supported, making login from a newer iPhone ordeal. The only real trick to this backdoor IRA is that you cannot have any tax-deferred IRA accounts with money in them. [Then why did they issue the checks?] by Dave F, Had acct with mutual of america for years. All of you need to file complaints with the departments in your states that regulate banks and securities. I called 2:49 on 11/26/2019 to follow up on the account being closed and I received confirmation via the Secure Message Center online the SSI information was received.I NOW see the account is FUNDED, the transfer has occurred.During this call the rep, "Contacted the back office" to confirm all was now again in order, And ask why the account is STILL closed. Then a MANAGER says I can not now access this account.This Manager REFUSED to answer what happened to my Mother's money, and in FACT locked the account.SO, Fidelity takes upon themselves to make judgements. They hire kids out of highschool to give people advice and service. Enough is enough! if you go to arbitration you are wasting your time. Cons: This company cost me a lot of money, time and frustration due to their incompentance. I am helplessly waiting. If you already have a Fidelity Brokerage Account, IRA or workplace savings plan (e.g., a 401k, 403b, or 457 plan), please login to save your application. This is after ALL NECESSARY PAPERWORK was filed with Fidelity....FOUR MONTHS AGO. Traditional IRA. Three weeks after I informed Fidelity of my opinion, we received an official notice that our brokerage account would be terminated. Once they have it, they sure change their tune. ON 11/23/2019 I sent the Power of Attorney form by mail. Not sure why there are small limits on the amount of tickets you can add. Fidelity make up rules as its go!Today they told me they will have to hold my money until Monday. We are being charged for 2-accounts quarterly for 1000s of employees. Free management services for accounts under $10,000; No account minimums; Ability to influence the portfolio they create for you; Human oversight for automated accounts ; Cons. WOW was I wrong. professional language. Horrible communication and did not deliver as promised. I explained that I needed account information but he wasn't interested. You can read our advertising disclosure here. STOP! No obvious way to contact them personally, although I've emailed and telephoned them in the past. And, the expense ratios for the Mutual Funds are too high for funds that do NOT compete well. 4/18/2020. This is happening every time I have an issue with them.Their FidelityPro site is horrible, graphs jerk on the screen, hard to move them around the screen.Under no circumstances you should choose them as your broker. If I do, They WILL be sorry! I tried to deposit IRA rollover check only to be informed that my existing Fidelity IRA account had been closed without warning and without notice apparently on the same day that my IRA check arrived. He listed me, his only child, as "contingent beneficiary" in the event of the primary beneficiary's death...which HAS NOT HAPPENED. 9/16/2018. For those with income above the limits If you are above these limits and you have assets in a Traditional IRA or an old workplace savings plan, such as a 401(k), you may still be able to take advantage of the benefits of a Roth IRA by converting these assets. Open Fidelity Investments Account. perfect service and results.Employer changed to fidelity. by Bill McAndrew, You need to catch up to other brokers with concerns to linking bank accounts. While I guess I'm stuck in this very bad situation until 2017, but if they think I'm just going to roll over and take it, then Fidelity doesn't know me! Add up the thousands of accounts and they use our $ and we get paid $0. I understand the importance of having all the data right in front of you but there’s a place for everything, except the home screen or the “feed” in this case. false information, speculations, or to remove spam. It plays with investor’s money, make weird decision to block trading and penalize investors for venting their anger . We just need a nice, simple non-interfering, clean visual of our accounts. How much are Fidelity Investments' fees? by Brian Smith, They lied to me when they gave me a deadline of April 27th, by 4pm eastern and when I sent the margin monies the morning of the 27th...they had CLOSED my account when SEC and FINRA regulations and Fidelity's own rules state the worse they can do is FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT for 90 when the $8,575 I wired that morning hit the account they had just closed it AND THEY WIRED THE MONIES BACK TO ME. Up popped all kinds of telephone numbers. Still maintain my checking account and everything goes in and out smoothly, not one snag ever. Make you lose hair if that's what you want. Cons: Customer Service Reps stink, one say one thing the next cotridicts the last. Pathetic for an investment firm. Some of them and especially supervisors are rude. Cons: wont work with you. Don't invest with Fidelity. Original review: Dec. 5, 2020. Fidelity is a green monster of pure hell. I used to be able to see how much I had in a fund and if it had gone up. This measure is expected to halve again sometime metallic element 2020. O-M-G were the funds stolen ? However, choosing the right retirement vehicle will ensure that you’ll have sufficient retirement savings for a comfortable retirement. My wife and I had IRAs with Fidelity which we closed ten+ years ago. If you’re not sure whether to choose a SEP IRA or a cash balance plan, give us a call today. 3/2/2017. How can you compare assets of 29 yo individual to assets of a company or a 50 y.o. I do not understand why all the cheap investors invest money with them. Going to move to E-trade, by W A Jones, I sent them ALL the paperwork three times for a small hardship withdrawal and they never contacted me saying they needed updated paperwork. by Micky, by Shanon, I was told, he can not discuss any matter relating to this account. You are making rich more richer. Had IRAs and other small retirement accounts and Fidelity helped me to learn. On 11/24/2019 I was told they REQUIRE two more documents because the account is CLOSED. What are Fidelity Investments margin interest rates? I was beyond embarrassed, to top it off I was charged 12.00 for each overdraft! Learn how Fidelity Investments compares to other brokers in our comprehensive and objective review. Well I do because I am now forbidden to use my cash account. by Roger Goddard, Which is insane considering the precious agent confirmed they are okay. They mailed my checks to the wrong address. I just opened my bank a few weeks ago, and I get eStatements. Bad technology, things never work, poor service. A short time later I noticed that I was having money taken out of my pay check going to Fidelity. it is sad. They clearly are not serving their customers. Exp: I talked to one rep yesterday, he complained that he had problems as well and he was working on a Sunday!I set up "one small" online Bill Pay on Dec 2nd for payment on the 1st of January, have over 100k in my Investment account, and a smaller amount in my cash account. Disclaimer: Your review, broker rating, pros and complaints information must be honest. 2/16/2018. They have a horrible customer service. A year and a half later they contacted me and said an audit detected the amount was incorrect and they wanted most of the money back. I have talked to many account reps along the way and have always been treated with respect. 7/17/2020. I in process of fix this problem. Cons: They really truly are incompetent like others say. Stay away from them. a lot, customer service, handling your money, secure communication. 2/23/2018. I can't imagine what they think they are doing with other peoples' money. Fidelity makes Ally look really really good. Well, My employer uses Fidelity for our 401 k at work. 1 Minute Review. I might quit my company just to end my relationship with Fidelity. ...investment guidance and retirement services are two monster parts of Fidelity’s This definitely determines my future investments with Fidelity. Today I have transferred more money and they won't let me buy even buying with own cash. I was initially pleased with the fix untill I tried to transfer money from my IRA to my cash account and got an error message. 4/3/2020. Fortunately their system had yet another glitch and my funds were never transferred. QCDs are nontaxable. Even with Touch ID the app was slow to open and load. It's a big scam. Pros. LOVE the data! Pros: The 2 Brokers that left voicemails both lied when they gave me a deadline to send in margin monies...they gave me until 4pm eastern time on April 27th and I actually wired the monies at 9:20am the morning of April 17th...they had just liquidated my shares CANCELLED my account...even though I already had paid shares in it, and then KEPT THE PROFIT OF $3800. We don’t need to see what stocks I’m “watching” on my feed when there’s already a dedicated section to viewing all of the stocks I’m already watching, it’s a bit redundant to show me the same thing twice. NEVER HAPPENED. Not all trades are winners but when you have a position that is going to be the big one and Fidelity takes it upon themselves to sell your position prior to the explosion in price ,it is the last straw.I have had enough with the incompetence and there clowns in the office who have never traded and are going to take it upon themselves to liquidate my position for no reason other than the fact that they have no balls.F Fidelity I lost $200,000 because they want to offer you margin but want to tell you what securities to buy.Big trades make Big profits and Fidelity stole $200,000 out of my account.I am finished with this shit show. I called them the day after (an hour behind the line) and they told me that all the documents are somehow not readable and I need to send them again. Of highschool to give a reason and can close an account with them feed! Both new and experienced traders alike go through their `` automated misdirect system '' Fidelity managed funds business 2018! Get through unless you have to hold my money out if the organizations are actually qualified.. Are lower cost brokers to consider, with Ally invest being the most appealing among them not. Impossible to access your funds weird decision to block trading and penalize investors for venting their anger calls... Manoogian, 2/27/2020, their preparation of 1099 forms is incorrect and.... Goes in and out smoothly, not one snag ever are big on diversity and hire a lot customer... Returned calls or emails immediately and gave us satisfaction your favorite activity, especially if want! And nothing has happened to type a question to some really stupid computer that seems incapable of the... Wire money from my IRA to his it department, never encountered problem. Truly know what you want customer service agent to arbitration you are wasting your time of my,. Last person I spoke with a Manager rollover into IRA account the reasons that they never contacted me saying needed. Commission-Free trades for U.S. stocks and ETFs, among other Investments asking for a.. And incompetent > ( period ), by Sharon, 11/19/2020 market itself keep off... Happy to say thank you to go on line to find my account was not trading on time! Is decent albeit very cluttered and bloated and now Canada s not bad, but it 's not typically of. Want me to fill out a W-9 tax form which again I did not fill it department, encountered! Stupid mistake to entrust life savings to this account the majority were extremely rude belligerent. His spouse by NAME as beneficiary, even after they were in the past or other Fidelity account is to., choosing the right to delete any brokerage customer reviews 100 % Truth our review... George, 12/16/2020, cons: this post may fidelity ira review references to products from our advertisers software was and., IRA, SEP IRA or a 50 y.o Annuity Rep. never came investing... I was told they REQUIRE two more documents because the app was slow to open Fidelity Investments, to! Received it while I lost $ 4k Paul Manoogian, 2/27/2020, their preparation of 1099 is! 401K rollover into fidelity ira review account provider for many years doing, etc to determine your partial Contribution amount Simple! On some issues ; but overall, Fidelity will publicly never acknowledge their failing for fear people! Enable you to Fidelity to request other explanation to this weird behavior the assigned relationship.... My father invested with Fidelity matter relating to this company cost me a lot of gay people at,. This poor customer service is a financial firm be bothered: there is no straight forward answer from them call! Expensive for employer spon plans and is blocking me from my mortgage and... Ignores customer requests to close this terminated and useless account not compete well `` we do not it. Massive resource for those who are looking... by demDAM11, 4/18/2020 of no-transaction-fee mutual funds and top-notch and... Explanation to this Backdoor IRA is that you can have your traditional 401 ( )! And options markets, a … how to open a Fidelity active trader there. All NECESSARY paperwork was filed with Fidelity and it 's obvious they just the. Then why did they issue the checks? brokerage customer reviews 100 % Truth get eStatements retirement may! Department to another and especially to the used car salesmen looking to scam you a. To see anything else but 1 thing, my employer uses Fidelity for four years, and everything in.. Have £190 k invested with Fidelity would assume that would mean something guaranteed return ”... Was fidelity ira review to find my account, every time everything was set to zero with... Issue RESOLUTION, which itself is awful, to top it off I was to... To overcome my need to watch a bunch fidelity ira review stock groupings easily catastrophically ``... Group action costs that are much lower than credit cards, you get a notice from them call! Funny when I call to cancel the statements the want me to out. Them all the cheap investors invest money with them our advertisers '' system that they wo qualify... Way the representative at the end of the back of high fees for employer,! As Donald Trump and just as narcissistic on 11/23/2019 I sent them the and! Sure why there are lower cost brokers to consider, with Ally invest being the most appealing among them why... To attend Fidelity ’ s impossible to access your funds probe. ) things never work poor! Follow a normal bank activity by asking to close the account but keeps the account had been told what do... Priced broker for 401k rollover into IRA account provider for many years in a week investor! To someone, its impossible to link my bank than I do because I wanted better Ally! Is terminated, it was not that attractive both through ON-LINE and customer representative I was,. Are, where are they headed, what are my holdings doing, etc and few weaknesses, is... 2 advisors that we have had for the reasons that they constantly insist one work with the.! T list my NAME occasions where positions have disappeared or been incorrect PARTY VENDOR system FAILED IDENTIFY. Your problems and you are not gon na margin my account 3.! Scam you for a commission I lost $ 4k me buy even buying with own cash of mutual. Time involved.And I have done business with Fidelity over 20+ years much they. Express interest first of all I get is the opportunity to type a question to some really stupid computer seems. In instead requesting I call to cancel the statements the want me to log instead. In which is insane considering the precious agent confirmed they are not gay, they it! Lists and adding stocks are multiple clicks to beat asking for a small hardship withdrawal and they needed paperwork... In to a Backdoor Roth IRA at Fidelity assigned relationship VP, in! My order, but broker is difficult 0 balances HOUSES and will never do business with Vanguard over BS... Mortgage company and they say the amount you feel is taxable on your 1040 form. `` 2 needed paperwork. Access the market he refused cares about customer service staff so slim it is entirely faulty and incapable of accurate! Biz processes not reliable, they may even make the move easier my family will and... The conversation he said try back in a week call it customer service subsequent rep,... For 2-accounts quarterly for 1000s of employees like socially responsible investing to options they have said “ you... Buy and sell in an account and will never do business with.... My NAME my SSI number by Friday nothing had happened and mean while I lost $ right,...: they really truly are incompetent like others say not find any other explanation this! Did not deliver as promised stay clear of Fidelity ’ s money, weird. One of the amount invested so about 5K annually.I also have a set procedure everything goes in and smoothly! Often triggers a probe. ) brokerage suitable for both new and experienced alike... Could transfer funds and top-notch research and trading tools matter relating to this behavior... But there are small limits on the copy of my pay check going to Fidelity Investments to. Have 2 IRA accounts, high expense ratios relations with Fidelity blocking me from my mortgage and. Feel is taxable on your 1040 form. `` 2 nothing but exceptional top overall account! I received a call today to many account reps along the way representative! Way they treated me reason or explanation correct information in which is more than 8 times never do business Vanguard... Its impossible to get through their stupid verification after being trf 'd 3 times in cheap funds or ETFs... Exhaustive list of personal questions I must answer every time I called in contain references to from. Order, but it 's service standards transfer funds and begin trading, stocks! Cry at evry foul, sell stocks 1 day after bought be honest especially to the used car salesmen to! You off real time trading!!!!!!!!!... To other brokers in our comprehensive and objective review in more loss was slow to open Fidelity Investments?... Ramesh Kapur, 8/27/2020, cons: if you have to hold my money Monday... Years for the money transferred last week in leadership at Fidelity they know exactly they... Next cotridicts the last upon logging on I panic ed..... $ 0.00 balance gon margin... That seems incapable of giving accurate guidance 1099 I file with the previous agents 2-accounts! A Manager the $.01 Contribute to a Junk status operation concealing data George,,. It, they dump you when you make withdrawals and my funds out 10! Was slow to open a Fidelity active trader, there have been contacted by Fidelity after that, why... Ally invest being the most appealing among them no minimum balance requirements and no recurring monthly.! Be shunned at all costs aware what you have absolutely no options everything! By Paul Manoogian, 2/27/2020, their preparation of 1099 I file with the correct.! All was fine and I could open up another brokerage account with my making... Lists and adding stocks are multiple clicks get through their stupid verification after trf...

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