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That early training made me a single-shot fan to this day. Lever actions being good all-around hunting rifles, it would be great to have one that would be compatible throughout the state." (The case length for 223 is 1.760″.) The Preserve Academy, located at The Sporting Shoppe & Range at The Preserve, offers a wide curriculum of firearms safety and tactical training classes taught by NRA Certified Instructors. The 350 Legend SAAMI bullet diameter is specified at .357”-.003”. That being said, it is my opinion that this cartridge is a short-range, 150-yard-maximum hunting cartridge when hunting larger rutting bucks. 350 Legend’s Cost: Cost could also be an important factor for the 350 Legend. Not the Browning BLR. Henry has jumped into the .350 Legend fray with its Single Shot Rifle and created a smooth-shooting, versatile hunting solution in the process. The Henry Single Shot is certainly accurate enough to make it a serious midsize game rifle out to about 200 yards, especially when you consider that the .350 Legend still has 900 fpe at that distance. The straight-walled case, which is 1.71 inches long, is very similar to a .223 case, so it requires only a few changes for an ammo company to make it on the same equipment. Finally, the Federal 180-grain Non-Typical rounds had a group average of 0.98 inches. Due to the rifle’s hammer, you’ll need high rings; even then, the Nikon still left little room for me to reach the hammer spur, so I attached a GrovTec hammer extension. What is the release date? Lately the .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend have been allowed in the "limited firearm" zones, but are mostly only available in either a bolt action or AR platform. If you like bolt-action accuracy and reliability and your chosen quarry is inside of 200 yards, this is sure to be your next deer rig. Straight-wall cartridge rifles have really taken off for whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest United States the last few years. The 350 Legend also uses the same .346” bore and .355” groove dimensions as 357 Mag Prices can change drastically depending on how and where you buy, but because these cartridges are based on the .223 Remington case, a product that is already widely available, you can expect these cartridges to have a lower price tag. The 350 minimum Winchester offers five different loads, including 145-grain FMJs, 150-grain Deer Season XPs, 160-grain Power Max Bonded rounds, 180-grain Super-X Power-Points and 265-grain Super Suppressed subsonic rounds. For more information, please visit henryusa.com. I grew up on a homestead where our only rifle was a single-shot Remington Model 33. Similar bullet tolerances also exist for 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum. So when Winchester recently introduced the new .350 Legend, a cartridge designed primarily for the AR platform, my first thought was, “This just might be an interesting short-range, single-shot rifle cartridge for hunting in tight cover.”. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Resist the temptation to unscrew the forearm. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), WATCH: Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Takes Its Bolt-Action to Next Level, WATCH: Why Berger Bullets Factory Ammo Performs Like It’s Handloaded, WATCH: Pulsar Thermion Thermal Scope Provides Jaw-Dropping Picture, Umarex ReadyAir: Umarex Unveils Portable Oilless Airgun Compressor, Hornady Handgun Hunter Ammo Finally Available From 9mm to .460 S&W, WATCH: Bob Odenkirk Is the New John Wick in Trailer for ‘Nobody’, ‘When Violence Is the Answer’: A Book About Understanding Violence, Hollywood Gun Buying: Grading 5 Gun Store Scenes From Movies and TV, Country Star Ryan Weaver Jumps Into 3-Gun With Jerry Miculek, VOTE & WIN: Ballistic’s Best 2020 Reader’s Choice, Mossberg Shotgun Giveaway. Thankfully, he agreed to send me a pre-production rifle to test for this article. Featuring unique content plus the best stories from OEL and special offers on outdoor equipment and supplies. The 350 Legend began as a concept for putting a straight walled, large caliber, heavy bullet, hunting round into an AR, while still using mags made for.223/5.56 NATO and only needing a barrel swap. The .350 Legend is also an economical option for ammo companies that load .223 Remington cartridges, thus it costs less for consumers to purchase. To further test that 170-grain load, I set up a life-sized black bear target at 100 yards. Using the same case head diameter of the .223 Remington at a length of 1.71-inch, the 350 Legend uses a .357-inch diameter bullet, for a combination that is very easy on the shoulder while being effective downrange. During my long outdoor career, I’ve been blessed with hunting big game in many countries, and various single-shot rifles have been my rifles of choice. Savage Arms Axis Left Handed .350 Legend Bolt Action Rifle 18" Barrel 4 Rounds S... Savage Arms Axis Left Handed .350 The post 7 Top Hunting Rifle Choices Chambered for .350 Legend appeared first on Wide Open Spaces. In fact, I went to Henry’s website where It also wisely included sling swivel studs at the front and rear. Winchester/Savage Arms These are some top choices for rifles chambered in .350 Legend. The new.350 case has an expanded base (.390 inch) and measures.378 at the case mouth, to give it a bit of body taper to aid extraction from the chamber. This addition made cocking and uncocking the hammer quick and easy. Sights: Brass bead front, adjustable rear. In the CMMG AR platform, this one is a force to be reckoned with. The Henry Single Shot is a top-notch American-made rifle, yet it’s simple in design with just a few components, so there’s little chance of a malfunction. The data also shows an average of 1,525 foot-pounds of energy (fpe) at 50 yards, 1,280 fpe at 100 yards and 900 fpe at 200 yards. When Winchester introduced the .350 Legend, it became the hot new cartridge of 2019. The Winchester .350 Legend case fits a short action and feeds well out of box magazines, and its minimal recoil and blast make it a great choice for hunters of all experience levels. Mils vs MOA: Which System Should You Choose for Precision Shooting? The .350 Legend cartridge will very likely fade away and cost people who continue to want it about $2 per round. 350 Legend is here to stay is a time-honored, low-pressure, close- to medium-range deer and black bear cartridge typically found in Marlin lever-action rifles. Today, the.35 Remington is only available in lever-action rifles (Marlin and Henry). The 350 Legend is a very affordable factory round so you can practice more often for your big hunt. Read more on Tactical-Life.com. Editor’s Note: On July 31, Henry issued a safety warning and recall for its Single Shot rifle. Finally, an Uncle Mike’s camo sling rounded out the items necessary to get the rifle ready for the field. Since I like to carry extra ammo on the stocks of my rifles, I slipped an elastic GrovTec cartridge holder over the Single Shot’s buttstock. Also, the cartridge is so new that no company had a single-shot rifle in that caliber available. As most readers know, the .35 Rem. This effectively restricted hunters to.30-30,.45-70 Gov or similar rounds in lever-action, or breech-loading rifles. With the heavier hunting bullets, this puts the .350 Legend in the killing range of thick-skinned feral hogs and black bear out to 100 yards and thin-skinned deer out to about 200 yards. Straight-wall cartridge rifles have really taken off for whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest United States the last few years. All of the range testing was done at 100 yards. Most lever-action rifles suffer from accuracy problems caused by the limitations of the flat-nosed ammunition for which they are chambered. Overall, the Single Shot is rugged and compact—important traits for hunting in thick cover—with an overall length of just 37.5 inches. Leading the modern-day lever-action renaissance, Marlin advances the legend in 2020 with a line of time-tested platforms newly engineered and advanced for the next generation. The .350 Legend (9×43 mm), also called 350 LGND, is a SAAMI-approved straight-walled hunting cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms.The cartridge was designed for use in American states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges. It was designed primarily to offer a centerfire AR option for deer hunters who live in states that only allow deer hunting with straight-walled cartridges like the .375 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .450 Bushmaster and .45-70 Government. Due to the economics through the Great Depression, many woodsmen couldn’t afford repeating rifles or a large supply of ammo to feed them. The Winchester .350 Legend is currently being offered in its XPR bolt-action rifles. For some time, I had wanted to try one of Henry Repeating Arms’ Single Shot rifles, and during a call with the company’s president, Anthony Imperato, I learned that the company was working on adding the .350 Legend to its Single Shot lineup. The rifle breaks into three parts for easy cleaning. These are some top choices for rifles chambered in .350 Legend. Enter the 350 Legend. It just brings out the best in marksmanship. To install a scope, I first added one of Henry’s EGW Picatinny rail mounts. For black bears and feral hogs, it should get the job done nicely within 100 yards, where most shots are taken. To me, a 3- to 4-pound trigger pull would be more desirable for accurate shooting under hunting conditions. With the rifle sighted in, I began to test all of the hunting loads I had on hand. After many hours of range testing, it was a pleasure to field-strip the rifle for cleaning. Find the lowest price on all type of .350 Legend on our website and satisfy all your .350 Legend needs. There was just one small exception: I’d like the trigger to be a little lighter. Since Winchester developed the .350 Legend cartridge, I thought it made since to sight in with Winchester’s 180-grain Power-Point load. Painter, Writer, Fisherman, Chef: Russell Chatham and t... 7 Top Hunting Rifle Choices Chambered for .350 Legend, Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range Ammo: Here’s What You Need to Know, Pumpkin Carving the Fun Way: With a Sig Sauer M17, 6 of the Coolest Things We Found From Sportsman’s Guide, The Gatling Gun: The Early Years of 19th Century High Tech, 4 Youth Hunting Rifles Perfect for Any Youngster Just Starting Out. As far as the platform goes, I mentioned earlier that I would love to see either .357 Maximum or 350 Legend in a lever action, with my preference being a Henry Big Boy Steel or “X” platform. Finding a high-quality single-shot rifle in .350 Legend presented a challenge, partly because there are very few single-shot centerfire hunting rifles offered today. However, the 350 Legend cartridge is compatible with a variety of firearm platforms. The process is quite simple. This puts the .350 Legend into the short-range brush gun category. 350 Legend Capacity 1 Barrel Length 22in Lop 14in Finish Blued Stock American Walnut Sights Semi-Buckhorn Rear, Bead Front Weight 7.18lbs Action Single Shot Cartridge 350 Legend Hand Ambidextrous Overall Length 37.5in To give hunters an auto-loading alternative, Winchester developed the.350 Legend – a round that functions in a modified STANAG magazine in standard AR-15 magazine wells. There’s something about hunting with a single-shot rifle. Money was in short supply, and when it came to squirrel hunting, my dad expected a squirrel for the dinner pot with every shot fired. The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. According to published ballistics, most of the .350 Legend loads have a muzzle velocity in the 2,100- to 2,200-fps range. According to my Lyman trigger pull gauge, my test rifle had a trigger pull of 7.4 pounds. While the group opened up a little to 2 inches, the shots were consistently in the vitals. The report also seemed milder. If you really want to put a rebated rim cartridge with pointed bullet in a lever action rifle you should be looking to Browning with the BLR before you look at Marlin or Henry. Bolt Action Performance With The Speed Of A Lever Action The Long Ranger retains traditional lever action operation with an exposed hammer and forged steel lever but updates it with a geared action. Meanwhile, the Federal 180-grain Power-Shoks consistently produced 1-inch groups. The case, while roughly the same length as the 5.56mm NATO, is a new one and not simply a necked-up variant. We tested the 350 Legend from winchester at longer ranges to get solid data for bullet drop at realistic hunting distances. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The furniture is made from choice American walnut, and you’ll find checkering along the forend and pistol grip. The steel receiver has a beautiful blued finish (brass-finished receivers are available for a few of the other chamberings). My range time with the Henry Single Shot was also perfect. The 350 Legend is not designed for a tube magazine. A machined and chromed steel bolt with a 6-lug rotary head is driven into a rear extension of the barrel for a strong and consistent lock-up from shot to shot to shot. The Hornady 170-grain American Whitetail groups were all under an inch, with the best being 0.81 inches. The blued, 22-inch barrel comes with a brass bead front sight as well as an adjustable folding-leaf-style rear sight. Winchester’s marketing gurus generated several comparison charts contrasting the .350 Legend with various tried-and-true deer cartridges, ranging from the .243 Winchester up to the .30-30 Winchester. Henry Long Ranger: A 6.5 Creedmoor Lever-Action Capable of Going Long. It already has serious competition from other budget-conscious names like … Two ideal bolt-action platforms for the.350 Legend are Ruger’s economical American Ranch Rifle and Ruger’s Scout Rifle. The straight-walled case, which is 1.71 inches long, is very similar to a .223 case, so it requires only a few changes for an ammo company to make it on the same equipment. For those of us who hunt whitetails, wild hogs and black bears where the range is short, the Henry Single Shot in .350 Legend is an excellent choice. This high-intensity MAP is no problem with bolt action and AR designs, but a lever rifle chambered in .350 Legend should have a front-locking bolt, such as the … For those states that require straight-walled cases for deer hunting with a rifle, the .350 Legend is a very good option for shorter ranges, especially if you want to hunt with a single-shot rifle. I then shot another group from some hunting sticks. The gun uses a non-ejector case extractor. Of course, I needed a few accessories to get the rifle ready for hunting. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. I also scoured a variety of published trajectory tables and found that sighting in 2 inches high at 100 yards would put a shot cleanly in the vitals at 200 yards. Henry also equipped the stock uipped with a solid rubber recoil pad. Currently, Winchester is offering bolt-action XPR rifles. It weighs 7 pounds unloaded. We used the little .22 for everything from dispatching foxes threatening our chickens to killing hogs to feed the family. Besides, most woodsmen were excellent shots and didn’t feel the need to shoot quickly multiple times. The recoil is light, the report is mild, and ammunition costs about the same as .223 Remington ammo. Besides, there’s a certain amount of pride in making one good shot count. If I wanted a rifle similar to the .350 Legend I would get a lever action … I ended up choosing a Nikon 3-9x40mm Buckmasters II scope set up in Weaver Quad Lock rings. For those who consider 1,000 fpe necessary to cleanly kill big-bodied rutting bucks, the .350 Legend is a 150-yard cartridge from a rifle with a barrel at least 20 inches long. Color Case Hardened Lever Action Side Gate Steel Lever Action .30-30 Side Gate The New Original B.T. The 35 Remington is already designed for use in a lever gun. For larger whitetail deer, I’d feel more confident with 1,000 fpe. The.350 Legend is based on a.223 Remington case (.348 inch rim diameter, small rifle primer) blown out straight (no shoulder) to accept.35 caliber bullets. Then there’s the rebounding hammer, which can’t touch the firing pin unless the trigger is deliberately pulled. Sep 25, 2020, Stay in the know with the latest from the Ballistic newsletter, M&P15 Pistol: Smith & Wesson Secretly Unveils New 5.56 AR Pistol, PWS MK107 Diablo: Primary Weapons Systems’ Demonic 5.56/223 Pistol, 5 of the Best Budget Concealed Carry Handgun Options Under $300, Korth Heritage Revolver: A Beautiful $9,000 Work of Art in .357 Magnum, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. If you are ready to step away from the 30-30 lever action or get a younger shooter into the mix, this is an absolutely fantastic package. The case mouth, labeled C in the image above, measures .3780″, and the case length is 1.710″. One good shot was good enough for longhunters, mountain men, pioneers and soldiers through the late 1800s. Then remove the barrel assembly from the receiver. I shot several five-shot groups at 100 yards using the Lead Sled for support. The XPR, though blanketing the bolt-action field, is far from the only bolt gun chambering the .350 Legend in 2020. There’s no other external safety. Will 350 Legend be available for lever action? It's basically a.223 case that isn't necked-down, loaded with a.357 caliber bullet. Suddenly hunters who have always been regulated to shotguns and muzzleloaders can use guns chambered for centerfire rifle hunting cartridges to extend their range. Both are very compact and feature integral rails to accommodate a variety of sight options. When it comes to mils vs MOA and picking the 'right' system, consistency is... by David Bahde / Ruger bolt-action … More importantly, however, the .350 Legend’s recoil in the Henry was noticeably lighter than the .45-70 or .450 Bushmaster. The Winchester 180-grain Power-Points had an average group size of 1.4 inches. This $400 Motorized Inflatable Boat is the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift, Keith Warren Goes Hog Hunting with the Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Shotgun, The Ten Finest Bespoke Shotguns – Part One. Even after repeating rifles became the norm, hunters and trappers kept the single-shot market alive. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. To break the action open, you simply pivot a tang-mounted lever to the left or right, so it’s essentially ambidextrous. The barrel is also drilled and tapped so it’s easy to install a scope. As of this writing, Federal, Hornady and Winchester are producing severaldifferent loads for the .350 Legend. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Federal has 160-grain Fusion and 180-grain Non-Typical and Power-Shok loads, while Hornady offers 165-grain Custom FTX and 170-grain American Whitetail rounds. With the chamber empty, break the rifle open and remove the pivot pin by tapping it out from either the right or left side with a 3/8-inch brass rod. For the sake of a direct comparison, the 350 Legend-firing CMMG kicks just a sliver more than a 7.62x39 mm AK-47, and even the 6-lb. And shooting from a Caldwell Lead Sled rifle rest, it took very few rounds to get the Henry and Nikon zeroed; my three-shot groups with that Winchester load averaged 1.8 inches. It was obvious that the Henry liked the heavier bullets, and the Hornady 170-grain ammo was the standout. The .350 Legend is also an economical option for ammo companies that load .223 Remington cartridges, thus it costs less for consumers to purchase. Now all I needed was a compact single-shot rifle in the caliber.

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